Sunday on the Chao Phraya (and some Big Buddha action!)

I had been to the Chao Phraya a few weeks ago (where I met the two lovely Canadian girls), but my hd camera juiced out. 
Chao Praya visit #02 - Ben, Jeab, me Chao Praya visit #02
So when 2 other lovely girls, from Finito, Jeab (Editor) and Ben (2d/3d artist) asked me if I’d like to go with them this weekend I was in!We met at the Taksin BTS station right on the edge of the Chao Phraya river. Last time I went on the river I paid something like 100 baht for an all day pass – which i only used for 1-2 stops. This time, with the help of my 2 assistants :), the ticket was 18baht! wicked Chao Praya visit #02 - duk duk Chao Praya visit #02 Chao Praya visit #02 - Wat Alum Chao Praya visit #02 - me trying to be cool Chao Praya visit #02 - ticket up the Chao Phraya - 18 baht! 
We cruised the river for a while, checking out all the cool riverside temples/houses/hotels. We ‘disembarked’ at Ta Parjane (i think that is how it is spelt) for some foot (how Ben & Jeab say food 🙂 haha!).Jeab took us to Thammasat, her old university, and showed us the place where 20-30 years ago over 1000 students/people where shot because they were protesting against the military’s control of the government (or something along those lines). Then we ‘duk-duk’ed’ to  Wat Pho to check out the massive reclining position Buddha. The Buddha was very gold and very big and very amazing. Chao Praya visit #02 Chao Praya visit #02 - Chao Praya visit #02 - Wat Pho Chao Praya visit #02 - Wat Pho Chao Praya visit #02 - Wat Pho Chao Praya visit #02 - duk duk

 More Photos 
I also have video from this adventure to post up but I think I will stick all my promised videos into 1 big Bangkok Update. I mean it!

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