SubIt 1.2 beta

Have had a bit of a breakthrough in previewing text over video!
Also includes title/action safe guides (including 4×3 safe)!

I haven’t ironed out all the bugs yet, and the translation from SubIt to FCP (the position/size of the text is not accurate).

But if anyone is interested to take a look and give me your feedback I’d really appreciate it!
Subit (274 downloads)


3 thoughts on “SubIt 1.2 beta”

  1. Adam, trying your program for the first time – a much needed one!
    When I hit save, my subtitle text does not appear in the right-hand column. A subit file is generated and an xml file when I export, however I am stuck after this. The sequence created in FCP does seem to contain anything.
    Anything you can help here? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the response – looking forward to the final product. I will try the old version now. Please keep me informed, Jon

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