some recent vfx work

I thought i’d post up something i worked on a few weeks ago here at Finito.This shot is from a 45 sec commercial for Petronas oil we did. The director wanted to make this highway look a little more busy and show the confusion and frustration of traffic in Bangkok 🙂
*Update: I forgot to say that the shot was composited in Shake.
petronas before 


petronas after

9 thoughts on “some recent vfx work”

  1. cheers guys. I am going to try stick up stuff I work on here in Bangkok (once it is on air) and talk about how the shot was created – someone might find it interesting!

  2. Very cool.. I like the additional elelemnts in there ,the extra freeway ramp (forground) the building to the right and back , removal of goodies such as the coca cola sign I guess…

    great compposite indeed.. shake ?

    but where’s the Petrona’s stuff? (lol)

    great job.

  3. Cheers guys!

    All the work was done in Shake, using a bunch of elements the director shot around Bangkok.

    When the commercial gets on the net I’ll post it up here

    Will – that is a crazy story about Gurney – is that really him??

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