“snake eyes” or the story of how I have spent too much time with a computer Python.

Catchy title? ok, just lame…

I have finally made some steps with 1 progamming language. Years ago some good folks at Emerald City Design said I should try get into the programming language Python. I never got very far and just couldn’t grasp the concept. Since then I opened a book on Objective C and had a serious brain fade.

Luckily I got the hang of some basic Shell scripting and started to feel a little better about the whole speaking computer thing.
Then the other day I wanted to recreate some sort of tool I saw at a few post houses I’ve worked at. A “new job” creation tool – so when a new job for VISA card comes in and you need to setup 50 folders for it with all the sub directories etc… you can just punch in VISA and 50 folders and it will be made.

Well I have a very basic version that seems to work fine from a shell.
I have also got a basic version running in a GUI using the Tkinter modules (are they modules? i still have no idea).
I have no user error things setup so if the user types in they’d like BANANA shots instead of 34 then the scripts will probably get all confused.
Also I wanted to test out an if/then statement, so i used it to change the number padding of the shot folder names depending on how many shots you needed – very pointless and not cool – but it works

NewJob_GUI.py – v1
NewJob_script.py – v1

(WordPress user note – if you want to upload files using the ‘inline upload’ when writing posts, certain files aren’t allowed – like “.zip” – so get THIS PLUGIN)

I’m about to try compile the script so it can be run by itself. This is my lead so far:

Anyway, it’s a start…

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