Self watering garden pot/box (maceta con autoriega)

We have quite a bit of space on the balcony which doesn’t get much use. It gets sun from sunrise until a bit after midday (balcony faces east) and so we figured it could be a good opportunity to grow some veges and fruit.

So Carina & I built our own self watering garden pot/box to see if we could get some things to grow.

Inspired by the global bucket guys.

In the end our megapot/box was more expensive for all materials and soil than I was anticipating but on the other hand we have a box that is probably 5-6 times larger than what you get with the global bucket instructions.q

I am hoping that we used the right type of soil – the instructions required that the soil be potting mix that contained dolomite (i think i read that this reduces acidity in the soil and helps with the process of “wicking” (capillary action)).

Let’s see what grows!

Some pics:


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  1. But at the same time I feel sorry for them as the air here is pretty bad! Probably turns the rain into acid rain! But yes the view is “espectacularrrrrr”!

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