San Francisco bay blues

I don’t have the blues about my girl leaving me by San Francisco bay, like Jesse Fuller sung about in “San Francisco bay blues”, but I am going to be sad to leave here, The US, and Bec & Jeremy!
This trip has been fantastic fun!

So what did we get upto yesterday?

We woke up to the tune of popov vodka and after a unanimous decision headed to Chinatown for Yum Cha.
popov vodka
We shared a table with some women from South California – nice ladies and liked our $.02 on the US so far. Luckily they laughed when I said they were all fat (talking about the general population). Phew!
yumcha sanfran

We took a walk along the Fisherman’s wharf and tried to track down a Beer festival.
Along the way we saw more Seals! Hundreds lazing on some floats right on Pier 39. Apparently they’ve been coming here since 1989 when the last big earthquake happened.
seals pier 39
We also got a good view of the Alcatraz prison which we are going to check out tonight.
We eventually found the beer festival – $55USD for 3 hours of unlimted beer and food. But we decided against it and headed back to the motel for more Popov. We finished of the night down in Little Italy with some Pizza and some drinks.

Today we are going to hit up the sites – Golden Gate Bridge, so ancient Redwood forest and more.

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