Ride: Bangkok to Singapore

And now for something a bit random.
I had an idea when I was in Jordan – to buy a cheap bicycle and ride from Bangkok to Singapore.
Why not hey?
Well probably because it will be extremely ho, raining, humid and all together unpleasant.
But, if i can manage to do it, what an adventure.
Apparently as ‘the crow flies” the distance is about 1500km.

So, with the help of my mate Boat, I bought a bike yesterday!


Apparently it’s a ‘Bridgestone’. 60cm frame – the biggest we could find in Thailand. It’s a little bit small still but I think I can pick up some new parts to make it a bit more of a giant’s ride.

Here’s a track from Saturday’s ride : Ekamai-Siam-Banglamphu-ThongLo

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4 thoughts on “Ride: Bangkok to Singapore”

  1. Mr Bart! How are u dude?!
    I think a cruisy month might get us there? Would like to stop at some cool places along the way in Thailand & Malaysia
    What do u think?

  2. Apart from being locked inside an office with great weather outside, I’m doing great! Holiday is up soon with a visit to Malaysia. 🙂 Too bad our travel schedules do not permit a meeting… Eva and I will be in Penang May 28-Apr 1.

    Although the conditions are harsh, I think it’s pretty doable to make the ride by bicycle. However, make sure you know how you keep your bicycle running. Rust, friction, leaks and loose parts will be your biggest enemy. 80KM a day would be reasonable to travel, as long your not going over a bunch of hills and dirt tracks. So 1 month is a good guess if you keep moving. 🙂

    One thing is sure, you will definitely get a chicken-butt by the time you arrive at your daily destination. No matter how you sit down or stand, it’ll still hurt. 😀

  3. Ow. That’s gonna hurt.

    But it’ll be amazing. As long as you can read a map better than we could on the bikes at Vang Vieng, and so long as your chain is better than the one in Ayuttaya, and as long as you don’t try to fix that chain by going for a one-man mud wrestle in the river, it should be fun!

    Seriously wish we could come along… I think you’ve got Hugh’s mind ticking over as well. Keep a video diary! I absolutely need to see how this goes.

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