Putonghua (Mandarin) classes begin!

Well allrighty!

Today is my first of 8 private lessons in Putonghua (Mandarin) at the Hong Kong Putonghua Vocational School. After the 8 lessons I will have 12 groups lessons over 12 weeks – i probably won’t get to them all because I am heading to Bec’s & Jez’s wedding in Vegas.

I’m thinking of picking up a micrphone to plugin in my iPod to record the sessions.

One thought on “Putonghua (Mandarin) classes begin!”

  1. Hey that’s cool man, if you get fluent enough we can both be ranting in Mandarin next time we catch up. I was looking at microphone devices for I-pods, I just wish somebody made it possible to plug in a balanced line into one of those things.

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