Planet Kapow 45 : The Santa Cruz Trek

The latest video from our Planet Kapow adventure has arrived!

In this video we take on the Santa Cruz trek in Perú – a 4 day trek that begins a few hours from Huaraz in the town of Cashapampa, and gets you up to about 4750m – a record for all of us at the time.

The trek was an incredible experience and I would really recommend to any who is kind of a little bit fit (really we weren’t) and wants to see the world from up in the Andes.

Lachie as always has a very entertaining read over at Planet Kapow, which is also where you will find the video:

One thought on “Planet Kapow 45 : The Santa Cruz Trek”

  1. I know this guy, is very friendly and funny, has been traveling arround the wolrd alone, just carrying only his joy, but now The Single Traveler is in Chile…… and we dont let you go!!!!!

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