Patto comes to thailand

Kuhn Patto arrived in Bangkok Tuesday morning around 6am.

Damn it’s been great to catch up –  i think it had been over 2 years since i last saw Chris.
I managed to score 2 days off work so Patto and I headed for Koh Samet – a tropical island 3-4 hours bus trip from Bangkok. 

With some very helpful phone calls to Jeabby (thankyou!), Patto and I were on a bus bound for Rayong (which broke down around Pattaya somewhere). We stopped at Rayong, then took a taxi to Baan Pay, then took a ferry to Sai Kiao, Koh Samet. From there we took another taxi over to Wong Duan beach (having to part with 400baht to enter the national park – apparently all i needed to do was tell them i lived in BKK and would have only had to pay 40 baht. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr). 

2 days of sun, buckets of Sang Som with red bull, henna tattoos and tall German girls was fantastic!

I had to head back to BKK yesterday for a meeting but Patto is still down there. Looking forward to hearing what he got upto last night! Not so many photos this time, but here’s what I got anyway: 

IMG_0596 IMG_0598IMG_0601IMG_0604IMG_0635IMG_0629IMG_0626IMG_0618IMG_0627IMG_0628IMG_0633


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