Ulli, Karoline & Bad Elster

Sun 5, June 2005

Gutten taag!
in what was sunny Bad Elster, east Germany, with a bit of a hangover and quite a journey ahead. Ulli and Karoline’s wedding was great – very nicely organised and a bunch of cool and funny people there.
Today we are heading to Frankfurt, hopefully metting Liam (without any problems) at the airport, then trying to get a train to Prague, Czech republic.

We went to some “Baths” yesterday, splashed around in 37 degree C water, and i have to say I have felt really good since! i recommend it!

We also burned around in Ralph’s (Dad’s friend from Munuch/Heidalberg) SAAB convertible. What a freakin’ cool set of wheels!

Will get some pics up soon once i find a wireless spot!

#Mac Note
I have turned on Open Firmware on my mac, setenv to Full Security, as part of my “Mac Security” for the trip! that seems pretty cool.
I ran Techtool Pro 4 and did a defrag and directory optimise on my powerbook too – what else would you do whilst in Bad Elster!

Z1 movies

Tue 31, May 2005

I have added a new section to my Movies page – Z1 Clips
MY new Fuji Z1 in action. I was in one of the cafes down the road from my Dad’s place in Hong Kong. Nothing really that special in the clip, just wanted to see how a quick edit would go!

Site Updated!

Sat 28, May 2005

Finally i have got around to updating my site a bit.

• New Reel
• New link to a Movies section

maybe thats all. Hmmm, i thought there was more

All comments welcome!


Many news to report la

Tue 24, May 2005

Hello hello!

I am sitting at my Dad’s apartment in Hong Kong, having just eaten some noodles, and am slowly getting my shit together for next week. “Why, what’s happening next week?” you ask.
Well my Dad, Cheryl (Dad’s girlfriend), Lisa (my girlfriend) and I are going to a wedding in Bad Elster, Germany!!!!
From there we’re are going to Praha, and then Lisa and I are going to meet up with mr Liam Neville, and cruise down Eastern Europe:

Europe Trip Proposed Itinerary

We are taking a video camera, and a few still cameras, so we will have heaps to show hopefully! I’m taking my powerbook too, so hopefully we can cut little clips as we go! It will probably get ripped off in a hostel I bet!

Lisa deserves all the credit for organising it! She has been really busy browsing the travel forums and getting all the info she can.

Lisa’s site

3d Recursions

Thu 19, May 2005

A cool site

“3D Recursions :: 3D Math for Art Places
Strange Attractors, LSystems, Lightwave, Chaoscope”

HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) for better Ergonomics?

Fri 22, April 2005

I sometimes get a really bad neck from looking down at a screen all day so I gots to thinking about a more ergonomic way to view a computer display/screen.
The last place I worked at I stuck a few yellow pages under the display to get it upto eye level and that really made a lot of difference.

So I thought that some type of display glasses (the ones in VR parlours comes to mind) where you would pretty much be able to wear your screen.
It turns out that there are some available, but they only run at a res around 800×600 (I’d really be needing something around 1280×1024 at a minimum), and I can imagine they wouldn’t have a great contrast/dynamic range – important for me when working with images.

A few places seem to offer something – here’s one:


I got a few emails back from different places and they all seem to say the same thing – the technology isn’t there yet – and they say also that this technology is aimed more at Military and scientific applications.

Oh well, maybe one day!

some Lightwave Forums and related sites

Wed 20, April 2005

More of a note for myself than anything – a few cool Lightwave sites