Recursive rsync with only specific file types

Mon 28, May 2012

I had never worked out how to use rsync to create intermediate directories when syncing over certain filetypes (in my case nuke’s .nk files). So the other day I googled around and found exactly what i was looking for.

A great way to sync directories and certain filetypes recursively:

rsync -pavr –progress –include “+ */” -include=”*.nk” -exclude=”- *” /my/source/directory /my/destination/

And all the thanks needs to go to Mike:

fcp 7 to nuke

Wed 9, May 2012

A FCP 7 timeline with 20 shots in it (all in one video layer).
I need to comp them all separately in nuke.
I want to have each shot in a separate numbered directory, with subdirectories for “scripts” and “renders”

Here is a little python script i wrote this morning to export a basic FCP 7 timeline as a series of nuke scripts into numbered shot directories.
This script parses an XML file that I exported from FCP 7 (the sequence/edit).

I have only used this for the purposes i needed, but it works.
Perhaps it could be expanded to incorporate multiple video layers.

Each nuke script that is generated is just a read node, with the nuke.root frame range set to the duration of the clip in FCP 7.

Even if the script doesn’t help everyone’s fcp7-nuke needs I found that i learnt a lot about Python’s elementTree XML library. Nice clean simple.
And also this page was a big help to get things going:

The script needs to be run from a shell/terminal:
python /path/to/the/script/ /path/to/you/xmlfile.xml

*file re-uploaded 11 May 2012

The script:
fcp7toNuke (164 downloads)

Planet Kapow 39 : Fundacion Viracocha

Thu 29, December 2011

Well after 9 months or we finally got our hands dirty volunteering at Fundacion Viracocha for 2 weeks. It was a great experience despite some terrible sand fly bites! The area around San Agustin is particularly beautiful so I’d definitely put it in your travels plans when you hit Colombia next!

Read Lachie’s article and check out the video here:

Planet Kapow 37 : San Gil to Bogota

Tue 18, October 2011

Hola y bienvenidos a este episodio de PK. En este episodio visitamos San Gil, Barichara, Guane y Villa de Leyva.

Come watch us slide down natural rock slides, chance a game of “tejo”, eat some fat assed ants, chill under a waterfall, hang out with a giant Kronosaurus skeleton & various phallic stone carvings in Villa de Leyva and then go explore Colombia’s capital Bogota.

Lachlan’s writeup and the video are over here:

Planet Kapow 36 : Mompox to Medellin

Sat 8, October 2011

Yes, we are a bit behind with the videos. 4-5 countries or so.
But, so what, here is episode 36!

Up north in Colombia we make our way down to Mompox, accompanied by new Planet Kapow member Mr Phil Berry.

From Mompox we head down to the metropolis of Medellin for some party time and a splash in the pool.

Head on over to Planet Kapow and have a read and watch of our latest creation:

Planet Kapow 35 : Cartagena to Taganga

Tue 6, September 2011

Ta dah!


Ep 35 we take a line up Colombia to Cartagena and explore all that is one of the most beautiful cities so far.

Then we plop into Volcan Totuma and float in the mud, then continue north to the perhaps once inviting Santa Marta and then realise that we probably should have been in Taganga the whole time.

And THEN… Phil Berry comes and rocks the scene.

Ladies & gentlemen head on over the planetkapow and read Lachie’s latest writeup and check out the video.

Planet Kapow 35 : Cartagena to Taganga