Overtone Music Cave

After our jam last night we headed to RCA (Royal City Avenue) to get a drink.

We ended up at the bar called Overtone – a place we had checked out last time in RCA.

The music is amazing – jazz/blues/soul and more.

We were fortunate enough to meet the lovely Layla who owns/manages Overtone and the Prart Music Group.

She is a busy woman – running the bar, running a music school down the road, running a few magazines, organising international acts like Megadeth, Dreamtheatre, Tommy Emanuel & more!

I think I’ll be heading back tonight to check out a guy called Stu Hamm who is meant to be an amazing bass player.

overtone image

4 thoughts on “Overtone Music Cave”

  1. If Thailand loves Tommy Emmanuel, then that isn’t too bad, well, I mean at least in comparison to Kenny G which was playing from every shop front and elevator in China a few years back. They loved it over there.

  2. Yeah compared to other places in Asia i think bangkok has a huge selection, and they have some taste. Every place you go here there is some guys bashing out a tune!

    Kenny G, yuck!

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