I’m sitting at the Laundercenter laundromatte on the corner of 8th Ave and 55th st on Manhatten island in New York City! Once again the dirty washing has caught up with us. It was either pay $2USD here for the whole load, or $10USD/shirt at our hotel (Central Park hotel)!!!!!!!! Fark!!!
So what’s news you may wonder, or may not, but I’ll tell you anyway. To make it more interesting I’ll start from now and work backwards in time.
Yesterday we cruised down to the CBS studios on Broadway at the Ed Sullivan theatre (Lisa says it’s where the Beatles did their first American tour [Lisa pronounces it torr or tore – such a pom!]. We got free tickets to the David Letterman  show, and it recorded at 5.30pm – Pierce Brosnan was the special guest, as well as some pommie chef chick and an opera lady.
Lisa and I thgink Pierce Brosnan is a bit of a wanker and seemed very uncomfortable infront of camera – he needed to relax a little and stop trying to be Mr Bond.
They did a big pan shot of the crowd and we are in there somewhere – watch closely and you’ll see a 2m guy up the back left with really bad hair – that’ll be me…or Lisa.
We cruised up to the top of the Empire State building – it was pretty cool, but a convoluted path to get there – so many roped of aisles and baggage scans and things to control everyone and make sure we were gonna put a bomb up the ass of ny. Nice view, but was missing the world trade centres – i’m imagining it would have really made it a cool skyline.
We went through times square a few times yesterday too and didn’t really realise it – it’s quite small. There are homeless homies in the middle of times square selling opera tickets – we “donated” $1USD for a opera time table with tickets prices on it – these guys are so good at making you buy stuff. I guess it’s in there eculture.
The flight to NY was ok, the security check from Frankfurt Germany to NY was the msot intense I’ve had – a major grope and also had to take my shoes of and get a foot massage from security – to check for weapons of mass destruction of coarse – lucky i had clean socks on or they might have thought I was trying to gas them.
Before here we were in Amsterdam, i’ve been there twice before so I thought I was a bit of an old hand at it, but i soon realised i had forgot most of it, even the dutch i had become quite fluent at. Lots of Poms there – they get cheap tickets for 25 pounds and fly over for a big weekend and get wasted. Polly met up with us and it was so good to see her! She showed us a bunch of her photos from her trip to South America – very amazing! We got wasted of a bottle of Vodka and enjoyed the hangovers the next day at the Rijks Museum and the sex museum. Lisa was very ill.
I can’t remember what was before this except that we were in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Czech Republic before that – it was a whole bunch of amazing experiences that would take a few more emails and needs the photos to at least try to show it.
Any ways NY is a lot more of a Nicer place than i asssumed it to be – people here are pretty easy to talk to and aren’t the wankers I was dreading.
Lisa’s doco screens in 2 nights at the Village Cinema somehwere in NY. TOnight is the opening of the festival and a “Networking” thing apparently – I’ll bring my gigabit cable – what a wanker!!!
hope your having fun!  AT

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