new photo gallery – flickr

I finally got most of my photos over to flickr, so now it is a matter of going through all my old posts an relinking the photos. ooohh that shall be fun. 🙁

Some news – Dad got FCPS2! and the same day (almost) we went to an official Apple demo of FCPS2 over in Kwun Tong in the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education. Cool to see in action.
I have only had a little play around today – Color seems very cool. The new Motion 3 also looks like a completely new animal!

Some more good news – the clips of my Sanyo HD2 pocket 720p camera (one day i’ll just call it “my camera”) play in the FCP timeline without rendering! Rock on!

I just installed the upgrade to Syntheyes – it also looks incredible. Looking forward to getting up to speed on this great gear!

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