7 thoughts on “New Hair do”

  1. Haha, well I tried that transformation too (seems you’re now totally into transformers 😉 ) and when elderly started to change seats further away from me in public transport, the bus driver asked for my “well behaviour card” in stead of “public transport card” and nobody dared to look at me for more than 2 sec, it was clear to me that this was not a style for me to keep for long… 😉 I wonder what your experiences will be. 🙂

  2. haha! I am sure i’ll get some weird reactions, especially if I start put on a uk football shirt and speak like Vinnie Jones!

    The folks here say i look like a cross between david beckham and monk. Sawasdee Krup!

    Well Behaviour Card? – seriously?

  3. very cool.. time for a change.. looks good.. it grows back as desired!.
    GEt a cap for that otdoors.. else a REDTOP.

    a BAngkok Monk? – yes

  4. Nice, brave move to shave it off, it is an unusual seeling isn’t it!
    Yes, I would imagine that if you were wearing a footbal jersey, and a scowl you would raise some eyebrows 🙂
    Was thinking of shaving mine again, might wait till summer though as it is still a tad cold.

  5. Great hairdo. So much more comfy, cleaner and eliminates any bad hair days. The savings too on shampoo, cnditioner etc and I am sure someone will find a way it helps with lessening greenhouse gases and global warming.

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