Nakhon Nayok

Yesterday I was lucky enough to invite myself on a trip with Jeab and some of her friends to visit a friend of theirs who has been a monk for a month in the Nakhon Nayok.


We visited their friend at a beautiful temple/retreat, delivered some Softdrink & biscuits to a grave to try to get a child ghost to relax and stop bothering he monk, and then checked out the Klong Tha Dan Dam – the biggest dam in Thailand and 7th largest in the world!

We also had lunch with the Monk’s family. They were very friendly – this seems to be a common trait of Thai people.
They had a puppy called Pepsi who kept picking on the tom cat of the house – the cat sorted Pepsi with a few smacks to the head.

The area is apparently quite famous for its waterfalls – but we didn’t get to check them out. Next time.

Jeab thankyou so much! It was an awesome day and Sanuk Sanam muk muk! Khup khoon krup!

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