MUSIC: “Lumière” – Bob Brozman

I’ve been listening to my hero Bob Brozman’s recent release “Lumière” that I bought on iTunes Music Store.

The album is amazing to listen to, and to look at (well at least the cover u get from ITMS)! Bob is playing all the instruments on the album!

lumiere ablum cover

Lumière is the culmination of guitar virtuoso Bob Brozman’s musical memories formed over a lifetime of travelling and playing music with others. His years of absorbing influences from cultures worldwide is expressed through the establishment of the Bob Brozman Orchestra – a unique concept where Bob intricately plays each instrumental part, building layer upon layer to formulate the tremendous sound of an extensive orchestra. He revisits the influences drawn from previous collaborations with artists such as Debashish Bhattacharya, René Lacaille, Djeli Moussa Diawara and Takashi Hirayasu to reflect on the profound imprint travel has had on his life.

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