Morman holyland – Salt Lake City, Utah

After a long day of driving from Jackson we made it through the snow and then a massive salt/dust storm whilst crossing the salt lakes to land ourselves in Morman holyland, Salt Lake City!
We took a tour through the holy square – with 2 missionary chicks – Sister Oh and Sister Alvarez. It all seemed a little weird. Everyone was smiling and lots of the women were pretty damn good looking – and not carrying the usual bigger bums we’ve seen elsewhere on the trip so far 🙂
This place holds over 21000 people!:
But it was all al little eerie, mainly because Sister Alvarez would either talk about how much she loved Jesus, or stare blankly like she was a robot.
We finished off the tour with a few minutes of choir from the 2 sisters and one of their friends. Yep.

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