Me & an iPhone – oh yeah, and a presentation by Autodesk & FxGuide

I just got back from a presentation by Autodesk and some folks from – demoing the new versions of Flame and Smoke. The guys presentated well – Flame looked cool as always, but Smoke…. not for me.


I had my first experience with an iPhone! And it was … hot!


Unfortunately i look like I have some sort of disability in this photo – i just blaim it on the awesomeness of the iPhone.

The iPhone is fabulous – it feels solid and the touch screen is kickass. I didnt get to look at too much except for iTunes / coverflow and the photo album – all very very very amazing!

Here is the FX Guide man himself John Montgomery:


Salvo & Nick also had a go:

DSC00267.JPG DSC00268.JPG

6 thoughts on “Me & an iPhone – oh yeah, and a presentation by Autodesk & FxGuide”

  1. Wow. It looks pretty big compared to most phones. Is the current trend heading towards bigger is cooler? Night at the Roxbury phones will be back in style, you just wait!


  2. Will man! Howz tricks?

    Yeah i think bigger is better is coming back around – especially for all us fat fingered monkeys from the west!

    But the iphone is really slim, so i think it would feel even less in your pocket than the going nokias & sonys. And just using it is really cool – really fast interaction and great interface.

    I think we are going to have to wait a while to see one for sale outside the US. errrr!

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