I am going to spend some time learning Maya I have decided.
Back at in 2002 (last year of uni) I was really in need of a 3d package to use to complete some major projects.
At the time the only real 3d app available was Lightwave – and it did what we needed really wel. Unfortunately Maya was released about 6 months later.
So I spent a fair amount of time getting reasonably familiar with Lightwave and spending some money on all the upgrades etc.
But as I began to look for work in Australia I kept my eyes out for what post houses were using it – hardly anyone!
What a waste of time!
Ever since I really wished I had got some Maya experience – and I think now the time has come.
I started some tutorials today and it seems reasonable so far – but frustrating because I of my Lightwave habits. I get really pissed off with it and tell it how crap it is – but then just have to think of all the places I have worked at that have done amazing things with it!
Anyway, let’s see how long I last!

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