Many news to report la

Hello hello!

I am sitting at my Dad’s apartment in Hong Kong, having just eaten some noodles, and am slowly getting my shit together for next week. “Why, what’s happening next week?” you ask.
Well my Dad, Cheryl (Dad’s girlfriend), Lisa (my girlfriend) and I are going to a wedding in Bad Elster, Germany!!!!
From there we’re are going to Praha, and then Lisa and I are going to meet up with mr Liam Neville, and cruise down Eastern Europe:

Europe Trip Proposed Itinerary

We are taking a video camera, and a few still cameras, so we will have heaps to show hopefully! I’m taking my powerbook too, so hopefully we can cut little clips as we go! It will probably get ripped off in a hostel I bet!

Lisa deserves all the credit for organising it! She has been really busy browsing the travel forums and getting all the info she can.

Lisa’s site

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