Lo que hago



I love to code. It is something I knew nothing about when I started working but over those early years I saw it in action. There were guys making plugins and tools to improve the workflow of those companies and develop different types of vfx pipelines. It was fascinating. I began to get my hands dirty in the unix side writing simple bash script and slowly got my head around the basics of python scripting. Over the years that followed I was writing python scripts with a GUI for team members to use and other command line tools. The power of code blew my mind. Python, Ruby on Rails, PyObjC then onto Objective-C and apps for iOS and Mac. These days I have been working on apps using Swift and the fantastic web app frame work Django. 2018 is the year I familiarise myself with C++. It's been a great hobby to have and one that proves invaluable from time to time.

Digital Compositing

My experience as a digital compositor has given me the opportunity to work on a wide scope of projects in the last 15 years in the film and television industry. My abilities cover a range from pre-production through to post-production however I present myself as a digital compositor with a strong command of The Foundry’s Nuke digital compositing software.