Lebanon: Beirut, Tripoli, Zahle & Baalbek

Lebanon is terrific.

lebanon_beirut_02 lebanon_beirut_01

After Syria and Iran making it to a place like Beiruit is a bit of a step into the future and the western world.
Fancy cars, beautiful women, coffee shops, bars, facebook, WIFI access and an overall super friendly bunch of people.
What more could you want?
How’s about tanks and soldiers? Got em too!

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The city is very modern but still has a lot of building littered with bullet holes from fighting is years gone by.

I only spent a few days there but I could have easily stuck around for much longer.

We headed up to Tripoli for a night and then to Zahle for some wine tasting and then to Balbek to check out the amazing ruins. A definite must see.

lebanon_baalbek_18 lebanon_baalbek_23 lebanon_baalbek_25 lebanon_baalbek_27 lebanon_baalbek_10 lebanon_baalbek_04 lebanon_beirut_14 lebanon_zahle_07 lebanon_beirut_15
lebanon_beirut_19 lebanon_baalbek_17 lebanon_baalbek_01

Next… Cairo.

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  1. excellant coverage. yeah I like Beirut too. I see the old holiday in next to the phonecia hotel is still in ruins from 1980s.

    keep posting. it’s a great read

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