Iran Trip 2009 – video

After nearly a year since visiting Iran I have finally cut together a video.
If you get a chance check it out and then book a ticket to Iran!

Iran Trip 2009 from Adam Teale on Vimeo.

In February 2009 I was fortunate to spend 3 weeks traveling in Iran (a.k.a Persia).

In those 3 weeks I got to explore Rasht, Tehran, Shiraz, Persepolis, Maybod, Yazd and along the way I met by some of the most friendly & welcoming people I have ever met.

Iran thank you very much for this incredible adventure!

Music: Iranian musician by the name of Homay (Saied Jafar-zadeh) –

31 thoughts on “Iran Trip 2009 – video”

  1. I didn’t want that video to end – loved it!

    I find out tomorrow if my visa application has been approved or rejected. If successful, I’ll arrive in Tehran in April. Any travel tips?


  2. Thanks guys!

    @Ben – best of luck with your visa application, I am sure you will be fine. Out of interest how much is costing you? I paid €55 in Istanbul a year ago.
    Travel tips – hmmm, i wish i’d spent more time up in the north west. I highly recommend the Trans Asia express train from Istanbul to Tehran – 3 days and is incredible.
    Make sure you take cash into Iran, a mate of mine didn’t but luckily a random Iranian dude on the train leant him €400!

  3. I live in Korea so I applied through a visa agency, which cost me 35 EUR. It’ll be more on top paid at the Iranian embassy in Seoul, and I’m anticipating something higher than your 55. Anywhere up to 100.

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve decided to follow your advice and fly into Istanbul from Kuala Lumpur after the SE Asia leg of my trip, then catch the Trans-Asia express to Tehran as you did. I love train journeys. I heard about the cash situation, I’ll be prepared.

    Cheers Adam!

  4. Hey Adam!
    im Israeli, and therefor can not go to Iran, unfortunately. even more sadly after seeing your great video!
    but, i do study about Iran in the university. im doing a research about tourism in Iran/ Shiraz, and would love it if you can help me with that. seems like you had quite an experience, and i could use your advise.
    if you would like to help me, please contact me at
    Thanks a lot!

  5. I loved Iran except for the food and would love to go back and see some of the NW and NE rather than the centre . Koshon was a real highlight esp. the day I woke up and it had snowed on the hills in the desert. That town was exactly the way I imagined Persia to be like.
    Shame about the Govt. They are just evil barbarians, unlike the people who are fab . and the language is beautiful.

  6. Hay Adam !

    I really enjoyed watching this video, and I am so happy that you have enjoyed visiting my country, Iran.

    It is so nice that you recommend visiting Iran to others.



  7. Amazing amazing video.

    Other than the wonderful experience you’ve shared with us, those portraits at the end of the video give me goosebumps, awesome. I couldn’t thank you enough for these.

    P.S. If you don’t mind let me know what did you use to edit the photos ?


  8. Hi Adam — video incredibly well done. Had to see it again back-to-back. And your music bed is extraordinary. Thanks for info on that. You truly understand Iran. Will be there in May 2011. We hope something very good happens to you resulting from this production. — John

  9. Wow thank you all for the positive feedback!

    @Amir – thanks! All my photos were RAW and processed in Aperture 2 & Photoshop CS3.

    @John – thank you! I definitely understand very little about Iran! But I was lucky enough to keep my mind pretty open whilst I was over there and I think that helps being in a place that is so heavily judged from the outside. Pretty much every person I met over there was incredibly helpful and friendly and curious about my opinions on Iran. Would love to hear about your experiences when you get over there. Have a great trip!

  10. Hi Adam,

    Your video is fantastic, good work! It’s a nice example to show the quality of your magnificent Lumix LX3 travel companion. I’m running a LX3 blog for Dutch speaking people and I published your video. I hope you don’t mind.

    Best regards,

  11. Hi Adam
    My boyfriend have been trying to convince me to go to Iran for a while and I just wouldnt have any of it. Beeing Danish makes it a bit worse though.
    But after he showed me this amazing video I have been less reluctant and we are now planing to go very soon.
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Maria!
      I hope you make it to Iran and have as good a time as I did!
      Please let us know about your journey wen you get over there!

      Happy travels!

  12. This video was nice and it was showing enjoyable moments that I hope you liked it, but apparently this trip was not showing the real face of Iran this was arranged for a lower class trip for student type tourists. The video and music was incredible and you did a perfect job!

    Please watch this video to see the True Iran!

  13. Life is too short just see beautiful things, think calm and relax, live to generate enjouyable moments remeber we can not fix anything, what do you see behind this face in the first shut of your video…..

    ++Kish Island, Iran….. Flower of the East

  14. HI

    I got really happy that you enjoyed so much of your trip and made this wonderful video. I need your permission to post this page on my facebook profile.

    hope to c u again in Iran

  15. amazing video. Its mean there live normal people just world shows them in bad light. Better for us who wanna see still pure Iran 🙂 Im going next week there. Cant wait!

  16. Hi Adam!

    Friend of mine introduced me to your Jakkayarn video and got ‘lured’ here. 🙂
    It’s a really awesome video. Did you take the stills with the LX3 as well?
    Hope to see more of your creative stuff!


  17. Thanks for sharing your trip with us Adam,it puts a very human face to country which receives so much unnecessary negative press in the west.
    I`v visited Turkey on a couple occasions and the hospitality shown by the people there is amazing and i`m sure this is the case across the region.


  18. I’ve applied for an invitation from the Ministry to visit Iran, and your video makes me even more excited about the trip. Hopefully I will hear back in the next few weeks and go in late October / Early November.

    Your video is great, and your portraits are really well done. Thank you for sharing this.

      1. Hi Adam, My friend and I are travelling to Iran in May but we still need some advice on how to get bookings done for hotels, internal flights and trains from one city to another. Could you please share your experience and guide me in the right direction.


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