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From Yazd Yolly, Tobi & myself made our way with bags of Cheetos to Shiraz – “known as the city of poets, flowers and wine”. Well I didn’t get to appreciate any of the poetry, not sure if I saw any flowers, no fine wine, but did manage to drink REAL BEER! Normally i wouldn’t blog about drinking beer, but hey, we were naughty and i think it’s worth mentioning.

P1010261_shiraz_manager P1010262_shiraz_mrali

The next day we burned out to Persepolis, paying $30 for the taxi for 5 hours – probably way too much but Yolly was in a hurry to make the night bus to Tehran so didn’t mess around.
Persepolis was amazing, perhaps not as jaw-dropping as Ephesus (Selcuk, Turkey), but still great to see – set in a valley, the place that Xerxes hung out in and Alexander burned to the ground.

P1010265_shiraz_yinyang P1010290_shiraz_persepolis P1010295_shiraz_meyolly P1010296_shiraz_persepolis P1010298_shiraz_persepolis P1010320_shiraz_persepolis P1010339_shiraz_persepolis_YollyTobi P1010343_shiraz_persepolis P1010347_shiraz_persepolis

Just down the road from Persepolis is Naqshi-Rustam – the tombs of Darius I, Darius II, Xerxes & Artaxerxes and some others i can’t remember.

P1010391_shiraz_NaqshIRustam P1010394_shiraz_NaqshIRustam P1010397_shiraz_NaqshIRustam

The next few days just hung out in Shiraz, ate hamburgers, and drank pretend beer.

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  1. awesome homepage man, really. how long are you in teheran nd when in tabriz? couse have to go there as well, need to take a bus to turkey…no seats available in train

    1. hey dude! great to hear from you!
      thanks for checking out my blog. will have some more pics up soon
      in Tabriz now, was in rasht a night – might be good to get there if u want to suss out the area
      i got a ticket this morning for tomorrow nights’ train – well at least paid 10,000 rials for something i need to pickup tomorrow – hopefully a ticket
      keep me posted on what u end up doing

  2. Cool, TUBORG beer! Did it say ‘REAL BEER’ in caps on the can as well? That would be even more awesome. Anyway, I guess you were all quite well off with this nice beer from Germany. 🙂

    The town names are pretty funny. Are they all related to some consuming products? Till so far we had wine and chips. What’s next? Sausages; Meica? 🙂

    Love the pictures! Great shots and nice posing.

    Just wondering, but what are the living conditions there? Drastically different to provide a little culture shock along the way?

  3. excellent photos and dialogue.

    Yeah may be chill out on the beer incase some dude form he internal police picks you mates up….

    I’m envious!

    keep up the great reporting.


  4. Those graffitti photos are crazy!! Even on a rock they can still have amazing handwriting…grrrrr

    awesome photos Tall!

    I would now like to go to Iran. Yes I would.

  5. Thanks for all the comments guys! Muchly appreciated!

    @Bart – hey dude! The living conditions – well I think, from what I have seen, that no one is living in any place too 3rd world 🙂 . The uni guys in Maybod had a cool pad but I think they had a fair bit of cash. I haven’t seen anything too rough so far. For the backpacker there is a lot of basic places to stay, with shares facilities to keep the costs down. I’ve averaged 50,000 rials a night and I don’t think I smell too badly and have only minor bed bug bites!

    @Warwick – hey Dad! Thanks! Apparently the police won’t put u in Prison for beer if u r a tourist, but if ur a local they will, then it’s a matter of knowing someone and paying a little cash!

    @Lisa – hey Smalls! I know, the graffiti was pretty amazing, I think there were even older ones but didn’t come up on camera very clearly. I think u would really like Iran, as long as u r cool to wear a chador all the time!

    @Tobi – dude! Great to hear u made it to India! What is the town like u r in?

  6. There he is! Long time my friend. How’s things? Re-found you through Twitter. Tried mailing you through that, but I have no idea what the he’ll I’m doing.
    How did you manage to get an iPhone friendly site? I’ve been trying to figure that out for a while now (looks cool BTW)
    mail me back when you get chance. Would be good to catch up.

  7. Nice photos, but you probably got these guys arrested, imprisoned and maybe even executed for their purported smuggling activities. Let’s just hope the Iranian and Turkish secret police don’t use StumbleUpon…

  8. How doing Teale?
    For some reason struck your web site, looks good mate, see your out enjoying the world as you were always going to do, hope all is well, say g’day to your old man for us.
    Ryan Gurney

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