Iran: Exit

I am jumping the gun a little here with my posts on Iran but I really wanted to get these photos up.

Here are some portraits of the guys that I shared the cabin with on the Train from Tabriz (Iran) to Van (Turkey). These guys were very friendly but unfortunately none of us could speak each others languages. I wish i had made more of an effort to learn some Farsi!

As far as I could tell a few of these guys had bought a lot of cigarettes in Iran and were bringing them into Turkey to make some bucks 🙂

P1010620_exit_bandaid P1010615_WhereAreAllTheCiggies P1010617_exit_Moulah P1010616_exit_smuggler P1010612_exit_smugglers P1010605_exit_ciggiesmuggler P1010600_exit_moulah P1010598_exit_smugglers P1010613_exit_smuggler P1010611_exit_me

7 thoughts on “Iran: Exit”

  1. Love your pictures mate, would you recommend the train ride? I’m thinking of a backpacking trip through Iran next year

  2. @Everyone thankyou so much for checking out my blog and have a look at the photos. I am having a really great time seeing these countries in the middle east and I highly recommend you all to try get over here some time. Pretty much everyone I have met has been extremely friendly and the culture is extremely interesting. Thanks again!

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