iChat & iTunes = caught in the act

Ahh geez my face is still red!

I just returned from a short trip downtown to see a message on my from my mate Alex (Fry) asking me something along the lines of “so what’s that your watching?”.

I had no idea what he was talking about.

Then i realised he was talking about my iChat status – i had it set to the “current iTunes track”.

Unfortunately I’d left the house after just subscribing to the podcast “Sex Tips @ EnterCourse.TV” – i hadn’t even began to watch the episode when I left the house for an hour or so.

So there it sat, my iChat Status, broadcasting out “currently watching “Sex Tips: Episode 007 – “Sexual Fantasies”” to all my iChat buddies (luckily Grandma is on a trip to Europe!)!!!

I couldnt stop laughing, and I knew Alex knew he’d caught me out and that there was nothing I could do or say to show my half innocence!

So let that be a lesson to all. Turn off iChat when watching porn or learning to be a porn star.

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