House of Wax Photon action

Well just as I thought i was on my way to Sydney to spend a week or 2 hanging out with my girly, I was called to head up to the Gold Coast to work on “House of Wax” at Photon for a few days. They are finishing up the show here so I am here just to pick up a few shots that are around. Will be finished up on the weekend, and will head back to Sydney before heading up to Byron in a week.

We dont have a tent sorted out yet! I was going to buy a cool MacPac tent, but they are around $800AUD. might just get a cheapo kmart special

Lisa and I went into the Gold Coast CBD last night to have some dinner and a bit of a sticky beak. We met a guy from Christchurch who reckoned he was here to celebrate his uncle’s 50th, but had decided to “go out on the town” with is fake ID. I got busted with a fake ID in the gold coast when I was 17. His “ID” was pretty crappy (mine was heaps cooler!!!), and I reckon he’s gonna find himself with a cool $250 fine – at least that’s what mine was back ‘in the day’.

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