Hollywood and en route to San Francisco

This blog entry is coming you live from the new car that Jez & bec picked up from Hertz – a Toyota Corolla.

I just can’t say enough how grateful I am that Jez & Bec are doing all the driving and getting good guidance/directions from Lisa & the GPS setup in Jez’s HP ipaq. We had a moment yesterday when the GPS had a brain fade and we had no idea what to do! Luckily Lisa got onto the Lonely Planet for USA and got us out of there.
Oh yes, what did we get up to?

We left Anaheim in the morning after paying tax upon tax for the hotel – some retarded tax like “City tax”, “hotel tax”, “room tax”, “bed tax” etc… No shit!
Travelling in the US makes me appreciate a lot about Australia and other cool countries around the world. But one thing the US has going for it is that all the toilets are A+ standard. No squats or lack of dunny roll! I guess they really need them here though. The amount of food that the folks eat here is astounding. If you are from any other part of the world and are thinking of ordering a meal here, and are traveling with a friend, GO HALVES or order a side instead of a main! Saves cash and you won’t end up a fat ass! 🙂

So we left Anaheim, and made our way into the centre of LA, checked out Melrose. The girls bought some things from the plethora of clothe shops along there, we took a bite to eat at a themed diner called Johnny Rockets – and went on our way. Bec mentioned that she knew of some tar pits in Los Angeles that might be worth checking out. AMAZING! There are over 1 million bones they have pulled out of the tar pits just from the past 100 years. Incredible to see. The tar pits are still bubbling away.

We next headed towards the Hollywood hills – the guys wanted to check out some celebrity houses and some famous bars. Along the way we went down Rodeo drive – the only thing I’d ever heard of the place was from Rage Against the Machine’s “Down Rodeo” so what i expected ended up pretty accurate!

Later in the arvo we headed to the Hollywood strip and checked out all the signatures out the front of Graumann’s theatre. The earliest i could find was from 1922. My hand is bigger than the new governor’s and not as big as Samuel L. Jackson’s. Shirley Temple has little feet. We finished the night off with dinner at Mel’s diner and a walk down the strip looking at he star’s names on the ground.

Today we left LA after a quick visit to the Playboy mansion. We couldn’t see very much except a tiny bit of the roof and we think we saw a playboy bunny entering the place. Hot chick either way. We are now heading to San Francisco. We just took a bite to eat at Santa Barbara – cool little place and quite pretty.

We just arrived at Morro Bay – 20 minutes from Hearst Castle! We are going to check it out tomorrow morning on a tour

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