HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) for better Ergonomics?

I sometimes get a really bad neck from looking down at a screen all day so I gots to thinking about a more ergonomic way to view a computer display/screen.
The last place I worked at I stuck a few yellow pages under the display to get it upto eye level and that really made a lot of difference.

So I thought that some type of display glasses (the ones in VR parlours comes to mind) where you would pretty much be able to wear your screen.
It turns out that there are some available, but they only run at a res around 800×600 (I’d really be needing something around 1280×1024 at a minimum), and I can imagine they wouldn’t have a great contrast/dynamic range – important for me when working with images.

A few places seem to offer something – here’s one:

I got a few emails back from different places and they all seem to say the same thing – the technology isn’t there yet – and they say also that this technology is aimed more at Military and scientific applications.

Oh well, maybe one day!

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