Hearst, Seals and welcome to San Francisco!

A long drive up the 101 and 1 highways has got us to San Francisco! It was a really really beautiful drive

We left Morro bay in the morning and stoped by the William Randolph Hearst Ranch – better known as Hearst castle. Such opulence! Only the photos will do this justice. He bought a lot of art and ancient pieces from Europe after being inspired on a trip to Europe as a child. What he put together over 20 years is amazing. It sits on top of a mountain and surrounded by thousands of hectares of green countryside. My only knowledge of Hearst came from watching Citizen Kane at my Grandma’s house and during a boring communications session at university! It’s really worth the $20 to go on the Experience A tour and see.

hearst pool

A little while later we stopped by the beach at some place called Elephant Seal cove to see the Elephant Seals. What a bunch of fatties! For a kilometre or so layed thousands of these guys. Some huge ones, some smaller, some fighting and some with a hard on!


We continued up the Highway 1 and 101 towards San Fran, stopping in a Monteray for a late lunch at “Chili’s” for a steak sandwich and bottomless coke cola (that is custom in the US i think).

cali coast

Then we hit San Francisco!

This place is so cool. On the drive in we got a glimpse of the Golden Gate bridge and the “Trolleys” (trams). This place is immensly more beautiful than any of the other cities I have seen in the US. Colourful buildings and less wide streets. Looking forward to seeing what else it has to offer!

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  1. I thought Hearst Castle looked a lot like my place in Hornsby, if anyone wants to check it out its only $15 admission….AND its on Galston Rd.

    Double whammy!

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