Gone fishin’

Yesterday I went fishing with my workmate Mon, his girlfriend Nink and a mate of Mon’s Frank. The place is known as “Bungsamran Fishing park”.

Pretty cruisy day, drinking beer and throwing a line or 2 in (fishing line). I think the last time i went fishing was probably 10 years ago!


The day was pretty hot so the Thai style of drinking beer with ice didn’t seem too girly.


The types of fish in the pond were Catfish, Carp and some crazy Amazonian fish that looked liek a dragon. Unfortunately we didnt manage to hook onto any dragon action.


* I forgot to mention that no fish were eaten from the pond. The big fish were only allowed to be caught and thrown back.

One thought on “Gone fishin’”

  1. Wow! Huge fish! Quite some effort to get them out of the water I think… πŸ™‚

    And for the beer: bucket + ice and bottles/cups inside. Or otherwise the good old thermos works as well… With some cool stickers put on the outside you’re still the man… πŸ˜‰

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