3 thoughts on “Go Corey!”

  1. the guys is great!. wonderful to see him tell this ignorant self righteous girl reporter (“I’ve go balls too”) bitch to fuck off.

    I am impressed.

    Stick to your guns Corey.. pity your parents will probably beat you up when they catch up with you.

    THe try-hard female journalist and the spud-brains fuckwit that followed on this tv show are representative of what happens when you just watch TV to get you “news”. She should change her career to be an airline hostee or go cover school fetes with her dell PC and old betacam.

    guess nothing really happens in “os-stray-ya’ so they have to make up such bullshit ‘news’ to get advertisers… true as I hear very little about what happens there.

    luckily we all have DIGG, podcasts, IPTV and the BBCWORLD to see what is happening


  2. This Corey guy is a wanker! I’d have his head on a stick if i came home and found 500 g-unit wannabe turds brawling and throwing up on my front lawn. The news reporters shouldn’t give him any attention. It’s like fame for infamys sake. eg: Paris Hilton, Pete Doherty etc.

    If i ever see this kid on the street i’m gonna send his Stevie Wonder shades into his eyesockets.

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