Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……one bowl of spaghetti bolognese at a little bar near Ekamai and I spent the next 12 hours hurling my guts up and running to the toilet.


Last time i checked my weight I was 80kg, after this assault I was 77.5kg! I heard some story about a farang guy who died from Gastroenteritis somewhere in THailand. After 2 days he lost a stack of kilos / got mega dehydrated, and died. So i made an effort to get to the hospital!

Luckily I made it to a hospital (Samitivej) and they got me a bunch of drugs and an injection. Feeling a lot better now. 

Gastroenteritis drugs

3 thoughts on “Gastroenteritis”

  1. yeah geezuz… like we know as additional precaution, “dont stick ya fingers in ya mouth”.. use ‘dem chopsticks where at ll possible… (same with the 2-legged wildlife)

    well now you can get back to 80Kgs with some more activity at the bar!.


  2. Nice police evidence photo. The medicos gave you a decent cocktail.

    I feel your pain bro, at least good to hear you quickly got help.

  3. 🙂 the Thai hospital made a cool 3000 baht out of me that day!
    If i hadnt have been in so much pain i’d have shopped elsewhere 🙂
    Lesson learned, get health insurance!

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