Egypt: Saqqara & Dahshur

After a sluggish walk through what Anobel & I were pretty sure was the ‘coptic christian’ area, we flagged down a taxi and headed south of Cairo to Saqqara – home to the “Stepped Pyramid”.

P1030635_egypt_cairo P1030640_egypt_cairo P1030641_egypt_cairo P1030646_egypt_cairo P1030650_egypt_saqqara

It was pretty interesting to eventually hit the city limits and pass from grey broken half-built apartment buildings to Palm trees and a more farming feel, and then to desert.

P1030666_egypt_saqqara_steppedPyramid P1030676_egypt_saqqara

Next we went further south to Dahshur to check out the Red Pyramid. Not so many tourists, no admission fee, and permission to photograph inside the pyramid make this a really great place to check out. And there aren’t any folks trying to get you on their camels!

P1030681_Egypt_Dashur_RedPyramid_panorama_01_egypt_dahshur P1030685_egypt_dahshur P1030686_egypt_dahshur P1030689_egypt_dahshur P1030693_egypt_dahshur P1030703_egypt_dahshur P1030711_egypt_dahshur

We didn’t manage to check out the Bent Pyramid of Snefru, but it did look mega from a distance!

P1030712_egypt_dahshur P1030713_egypt_dahshur P1030719_egypt_cairo P1030727_egypt_cairo P1030724_egypt_cairo P1030736_egypt_cairo P1030737_egypt_cairo P1030740_egypt_cairo

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