Egypt: Luxor

Anobel & I had to kill 12 hours in Cairo after a misunderstanding with the train times, but getting to Luxor worked out fine in the end.

The train – not too bad. I think it cost around £175L.E., but you can pay double that and get a sleeping cabin which is meant to be pretty good – but yeah that is quite pricey for a 10 hour train ride in the middle east i think. Was a bit painful for me as usual (when it comes to travelling i hate being tall).

P1030766_egypt_luxor P1030764_egypt_luxor

For £20L.E. each we got a room at the Nubian Oasis (Bob Marley) hostel which is a couple of hundred metres from the train station on the ‘east bank’ of Luxor. Pretty cool place, nice folks working there and a rooftop that does a happy hour! Rooms are basic but for the price what else should you expect.

Luxor is a cool place, lots of touts in the centre but still a reasonable atmosphere.
P1030769_egypt_luxor P1030774_egypt_luxor P1030776_egypt_luxor P1030777_egypt_luxor P1030783_egypt_luxor P1030785_egypt_luxor

East bank
Closer to the river, maybe 1km from the Nubian Oasis, is the Luxor Temple. £50L.E. a ticket. This was my first true close up experience with Hieroglyphics and giant statues in the wild 🙂 Massive pylons/columns and court areas.

P1030797_egypt_luxor_luxorTemple P1030798_Egypt_Luxor_Temple_panorama_01_egypt_luxor_luxorTemple P1030849_egypt_luxor_luxorTemple_Panorama P1030858_egypt_luxor_luxorTemple_panorama P1030823_egypt_luxor_luxorTemple P1030836_egypt_luxor_luxorTemple P1030841_egypt_luxor_luxorTemple P1030879_egypt_luxor_luxorTemple P1030889_egypt_luxor_luxorTemple

A 10 minute horse & buggy ride north gets you to the Karnak Temple (or maybe the temples of Karnak). A gigantic site that is full of obelisks and columns, and one of the buildings still has a roof.
Many of the rooms/buildings still have colour on them!

P1040009_egypt_luxor_karnak P1030998_egypt_luxor_karnak P1030983_egypt_luxor_karnak_panorama
P1030970_egypt_luxor_karnak P1040012_egypt_luxor_karnak P1030988_egypt_luxor_karnak P1030948_egypt_luxor_karnak P1030946_egypt_luxor_karnak
P1030961_egypt_luxor_karnak P1030914_egypt_luxor_karnak P1030911_egypt_luxor_karnak P1030918_egypt_luxor_karnak P1030992_egypt_luxor_karnak P1030885_egypt_luxor_luxorTemple P1030923_egypt_luxor_karnak_panorama P1030952_egypt_luxor_karnak_panorama

West Bank

The next day we took a tour to the west bank of Luxor to checkout ‘the valley of the kings’ and the other sites nearby.

The Valley of the Kings, whilst being extremely well preserved and easily accessible, is a bit of a sham i think. Firstly, you pay £60L.E. or so to get it, then £4L.E.for a little train that take you 500m up the road, then you can only get into 3 of the tombs. If you want to see more you have to pay more money, and you have to do this back at the entrance. I paid an extra £100L.E. to get into Tutankhamun’s tomb. Also, no photography is allowed. Why? I asked and they said that the flash photography ruins the artwork. That is fair enough, but I told them I wasn’t going to use my flash. Then they said that when the camera takes a photo if sucks the colour off the wall. 🙂 haha! what voodoo! You can’t take photos inside the tombs, yet there was a research team in King Tut’s tomb, who had a bunch of strobes going off. And, outside the tombs there are more touts selling photo sets of the inside of the tombs – where did these photos come from? Errrrrrrrrr!
P1040057_Luxor_ValleyOfTheKings P1040071_Luxor_ValleyOfTheKings P1040036_Luxor_ValleyOfTheKings P1040070_Luxor_ValleyOfTheKings P1040065_Luxor_ValleyOfTheKings P1040063_Luxor_ValleyOfTheKings

Temple Of Hatchepsute
P1040077_Luxor_TempleOfHatchepsute_DeirAlBahri_panorama P1040082_Luxor_TempleOfHatchepsute_DeirAlBahri P1040086_Luxor_TempleOfHatchepsute_DeirAlBahri P1040098_Luxor_TempleOfHatchepsute_DeirAlBahri P1040110_Luxor_TempleOfHatchepsute_DeirAlBahri P1040102_Luxor_TempleOfHatchepsute_DeirAlBahri

Ramses 3 Funerary Temple – a.k.a Medinat Habu
(I think that was the name of this place!)

P1040115_Luxor_Ramses3FuneraryTemple_MedinatHabu P1040193_Luxor_Ramses3FuneraryTemple_MedinatHabu_panorama P1040164_Luxor_Ramses3FuneraryTemple_MedinatHabu P1040163_Luxor_Ramses3FuneraryTemple_MedinatHabu P1040149_Luxor_Ramses3FuneraryTemple_MedinatHabu_Panorama P1040140_Luxor_Ramses3FuneraryTemple_MedinatHabu P1040142_Luxor_Ramses3FuneraryTemple_MedinatHabu P1040138_Luxor_Ramses3FuneraryTemple_MedinatHabu P1040133_Luxor_Ramses3FuneraryTemple_MedinatHabu P1040198_Luxor_Ramses3FuneraryTemple_MedinatHabu_panorama

Colossi Of Memnon
(i think)
P1040205_Luxor_Colossi_Of_Memnon P1040210_Luxor_Colossi_Of_Memnon P1040211_Luxor_Colossi_Of_Memnon

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