easy come, easy go


I have lost yet another mobile phone.

On Sunday 30th September my Sony Ericson w700i was announced M.I.A.

This is what happens when ur a pretty drunk and it is 4am. I think that is how i lost my last phone (Nokia 6350 – i think it was)

I think someone at the Y50 bar managed to score themselves a new phone.

So that brings my tally to 3 lost mobile phones in about 4-5 months.

Go me…

3 thoughts on “easy come, easy go”

  1. geezuz…. so I reckon there will be a new phone nuber soon.

    • when u go out on the piss – gaff tape the phoen to your balls or
    • leave the phone on the bar immedtaltely – then when it gets ripped you know that where you left it or
    •  …



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