Denver: El cinco de mayo & the wonderful world of Beer

El Cinco de mayo

Some massive Mexican festival was going on in the city – lots of food, beers and people selling stuff you don’t really want as usual!

Coors Brewery
At last I can say I have visited a brewery!

And what a life changing experience it was. I now have a long term goal. To create my own brewery. I think when I am 32-35 I will get it going – until then I have a bit of research to do.

The brewery tour lated 45 minutes and took us through all the stage of how the Coors folks make a beer. I am not big fan of Coors or Coors light, but they have another beer called Blue Moon. It’s meant to be quite similar to a Hefferveisen – it was some tasty beer!

The tour said that Coors is the number 3 beer of the world. I couldn’t believe that people around the world would really drink the Coors beer. But it turns out that Coors owns Grolsch, Caffery’s an a whole bunch of beers that aren’t/weren’t American.

Afterwards we headed up to the mountains in search of some toboggan fun. As we made our way up the mountains we hit some rain which eventually turned to sleet/ice and then finally turned into snow as we got higher up. We didn’t manage to find any toboggan shops along the road, so we had a look through the car for something to put our bums on. The only thing we could come up with was the Shade Cloth that covers the back of the car. Well, it didn’t work so well – but Jez gave it a good go. Bec packed up a nice tight snowball and within seconds another Snow fight began! Poor Bec copped it! Jeremy wrote his name in the snow – very good penmanship.

We were only out of the car for 5-10 minutes but the snow got heavier and by the time we got the car on the road the road was covered in a few centimetres of snow and was pretty slippery. But Jeremy and The Matrix handled it with ease.

Little snow vid

Night time took us into downtown Denver – 15th Avenue i think it was – and long street that has it’s own tram/bus that you can ride for free. There were stacks of restaurants to chose from, we eventually settled on “The Brewery”. Great place, quite busy, with 7 of its own beers – Bec & I were a fan of the “Falcon” beer which is a I.P.A. which we learnt meant Indian Pale Ale which we also learnt from our server/waiter Vinny got it’s name from the beer that the English used to send to the soldiers in India. The English apparently put more hopps into the beer so the beer would make the distance and not go nasty (or something like that).

We are currently on the road to Santa Fe – New Mexico! We just passed a mini tornado (whirl wind?) and had lunch at Arby’s. Bec gave it the thumbs down.

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  1. Hah, Grolsch! Dutch beer. 🙂 Never knew it was owned by an American company? So not so Dutch afterall… 🙁 I always thought it was independant. But hey, that might explain why I can also enjoy it here in Hong Kong. 🙂

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