Chatuchuk Market visit #02 – last weekend

Last weekend I went with Jeab, Ben & Salvo to Chatuchuk market. I picked up some pretty cheap & ok quality tshirts (around 100-200 baht), and a poewrboard. The power board was very cheap, and I’m a little concerned I am going to go home one day and find the place burnt down. Everytime I plug something into it the board puts on a cool little electric spark show.I made sure I had plenty of juice in the camera this time. Here are the pics from the day. I shot some video too so I’ll try get a clip up of that soon.  
Chatuchuk Market, rooftops
Chatuchuk Market, Performer Chatuchuk MarketChatuchuk Market, Ben & JeabThonglor BTSChatuchuk Market, ice blocks CUChatuchuk Market, Ice Blocks 
Chatuchuk Market, BenChatuchuk Market, tracer

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