Video : Planet Kapow 14 – Mexico City (DF)

Ready for something huge??????????

Mexico city!

Head on over to Planet Kapow to check out Lachie’s write up & check out episode 14 of Planet Kapow.

Or, because it’s nearly xmas, you can watch ep 14 here, but Lachlan will get upset if you don’t bother to read his article, and also we’d all like to see some of your comments over on the PK website 🙂

Video: Planet Kapow 13 – Guanajuato to Bernal

Hola amigos!

Yes it’s been quite a awhile since we got a Planet Kapow clip out! There’s been weddings, lots of travel and some terrible wifi connections to boot.

Here is ep 13, the video about the city that I have loved the most so far in Mexico.


Head over to Planet Kapow & read Lachie’s write up on Guanajuato & check out the video to see what we got up to:

Video: Planet Kapow 11 : Zacatecas

All righty, I’m back in Mexico City after fantastic & busy week in Hong Kong celebrating Dad & Cheryl’s big wedding!

So, I can see by all the emails & comments on the blog that many people are curious to know what’s going on with the Planet Kapow team and the adventures.

This is it. After 3 months or so the WHOLE team is here.
Erin, Danielle, Lachlan & myself, with part time member Liam currently somewhere down in South America I think.
The slightly polluted air is full of excitement & smiles.

This means that the videos are going to finally get interesting and possibly even a little fun!

We’re a little behind with the videos, possibly by a month, but we’ll catch up soon enough especially with the whole team hear to share the cutting.

This ep is all about Zacatecas, the beautiful silver mining town (i think they still mine there) in the mid north of Mexico.
This is where the fun begins.

If you are ok with seeing horses get lassoed and falling to the ground in slow motion, check this ep out!

Make sure you head over to Planet Kapow & read Lachie’s write up, and leave us a comment! We really want to make these videos watchable!

Video: Planet Kapow 10 : Posada Barrancas to Durango

Finally ladies & gentlemen, an episode that will make you laugh, cry and want to shoot a wild west film.
We did.

Ep 10 sees us make our way south from Posada Barrancas / Chihuahua down to the beautiful city of Durango where we got to spend many nights listening to many a caballero doing some of their finest work with their prostitutas inside our hotel.

Get Lachlan’s version of the tale as well as the video of ep 10 over at Planet Kapow:

And yes, we shot a western, and it is awesome.

Video: Planet Kapow 07 : Tepic to Huajumar

Hola Amigos!

This is it, this is happening.

In this ep we take our mosquito-chomped bodies to the town of Tepic in Nayarit province, Mexico.
The cool air got us back on our feet and so decided to be adventurous and head south to Jala, to check out Volcan Ceboruco (I still struggle to spell and pronounce this place).

Then we treated ourselves to a 15 hour bus adventure north to Ciudad Obregon, killed a few days waiting for a bus, then almost made it to Yepachi (in an attempt to work on a farm).

Check out ep 7 (and Lachie’s intriguing piece [of writing]) over in Planet Kapow land – (warning, this episode is awesome) :

Video: Planet Kapow ep 01

Here it is ladies & gentlemen, the first video from our journey from LA to Argentina & back.

Head on over to , take a look, and please let us know what you think. Any kind of feedback is appreciated!

Les Claypool live at the Enmore Theatre


Barely 2 days after arriving in Sydney I found myself standing in awe of the cool sounds of Les Claypool live at the Enmore theatre. Big thanks to Liam for hooking me up with a ticket!

Mr Claypool and his band are on tour with their new album “Of Fungi And Foe

(apologies for the poor audio)

(apologies for the poor audio)

Having wanted to see Primus for so long this was definitely the next best thing. He’s the man and I’d definitely agree in calling him the bext bass player in the world!
As well as all the tracks he played off “Of Fungi And Foe” tracks Les also dropped a couple of great Primus bombs and the crowd loved it.

(apologies for the poor audio)

Sometime back I was commissioned to write soundtrack music for two projects that promised to have quite a bit of very intense and unique imagery. One was for an interactive game about a meteor that hits Earth and brings intelligence to the mushrooms within the crash proximity and the other was about a three thousand pound wild boar that terrorizes the marijuana fields of Northern California. Obviously the makers of the subsequent Mushroom Men game and Pig Hunt film were very aware of my tastes and perspectives because the music oozed from me in such a natural way that I believe it came as much from my pores as it did my mind. This music became the foundation of the songs that fill this collection. With a few added tidbits and a bit of gypsy sauce, I inflict upon you… OF FUNGI AND FOE[3]

Music Video: Tamarama – “Middle of a magazine”

I recently did some grading on a music video for Tamarama on their track “Middle of a Magazine”. It was shot on few flavours of hd(v) – so ran the clip through shake to deinterlace it and did the grading in Color. Let me know what u think. Best of luck with the clip guys!