300 (the movie)


Well it was quite a buzz to see the 10 minutes or so that we worked on at Animal Logic last year (2006)!
I think the scene we did came up really well – some of the other scenes in 300 didn’t seem to have received as much post “love”.

I liked the movie, at times I was thinking the fighting was starting to drag on a bit, but then there’d be some cool moment where one of the Spartans would deal some extra nasty death to one (or more) of the Persians and I’d be hooked again.
The rest of the audience seemed to enjoy it too, some really got into it and were very satisfied when the bad guy cops it (I won’t explain – you have to see it).

Apparently 300 is doing really well at the box office and made its money back within the first week or something?



I am going to spend some time learning Maya I have decided.
Back at in 2002 (last year of uni) I was really in need of a 3d package to use to complete some major projects.
At the time the only real 3d app available was Lightwave – and it did what we needed really wel. Unfortunately Maya was released about 6 months later.
So I spent a fair amount of time getting reasonably familiar with Lightwave and spending some money on all the upgrades etc.
But as I began to look for work in Australia I kept my eyes out for what post houses were using it – hardly anyone!
What a waste of time!
Ever since I really wished I had got some Maya experience – and I think now the time has come.
I started some tutorials today and it seems reasonable so far – but frustrating because I of my Lightwave habits. I get really pissed off with it and tell it how crap it is – but then just have to think of all the places I have worked at that have done amazing things with it!
Anyway, let’s see how long I last!