Meeting Ron Brinkmann

A few days ago I got asked if I’d like to go to a presentation by “the guy who created Shake”.
I immediately said “Ron Brinkmann?!!”
“No, that doesn’t sound like the name” I was told.

I was curious who this could be, and also curious why “the creator of shake” would be spending an afternoon in Bangkok.

Anyway, yesterday I headed off to the Siam tower with the vfx team to the presentation.


Well, it did turn out to be Ron Brinkmann and he was on a whirlwind tour of some asian cities (i think it was bangkok, Taipei, Shanghei, Seoul and some other places) doing a bit of a promo of Nuke and explaining the concepts of Compositing (now that he left Apple a few months ago i think he said).


He spoke for about 3-4 hours and demo’d some of the concepts from his earlier book “The art & science of digital compositing” and some the ideas he is gonig to include in his v2.0 release of his book 🙂 .

He was a very nice guy and I think everyone who attended was pretty absorbed with what he was talking about.
Thanks a lot Ron!

Unfortunately he wouldnt reveal anything about where Apple is going to take Shake, but he said the future for Nuke looks great and they are going to make it a lot more user gui friendly – not more like shake, but more like shake 🙂



Also, just when I thought I’d had a VFX overload for the week, I went to see Michael Bay’s “Transformers” – vfx were amazing!!! But they just couldn’t seem to keep the camera still. Such wicked looking robots but most of the action scenes were a big smear of motion blur. Maybe i need to see it again.

The power of power

All it seems to take in Bangkok for a suburb’s power to cut out is a slight wind or, as one of my colleagues Salvo said, a bird to fly over our building and piss on it.

With a deadline looming and anxious clients bopping around the place all we can do is sit and wait.
Luckily we have some UPS (“uninterruptable power supply”) gear so some of the machines can continue running on the battery and one of the power outlets that seems to still be working.

For me, I am just hangin’ out and trying to deal with no AC (both the power and cool air kind)

Might be time to go buy a guitar!

“You haven’t had a good night until you’ve had a Mennonite”

Yesterday (Sunday) I made a bit of an effort to see some of bangkok.
I headed for the Chao Phraya river that cuts and winds its way through Bangkok, pocket HD camera ready to capture it all!


On the way I met 2 cool Mennonite girls, MaryLyn and Amanda, from Canada who are over here in Bangkok teaching at a school they say is full of rich little Thai kids. They both seemed to be really having a good time over here. So I befriended these girls and we hopped on the tourist boat. 100 baht for all day river action.


Pretty cool but unfortunately my pocketHD camera ran out of batteries just as I got on the boat. Fark! Good excuse to checkout the river again I guess.


We made one stop at Pier 5 to check out Chinatown and a huge swing, that didn’t have a swing (pulled down because it was thought to be dangerous), and stopped for a bite to eat at Siam Paragon centre. I asked them if they were religious and they said yes, and explained a bit about the world of Mennonite. The joke was “You haven’t had a good night until you’ve had a Mennonite”! 🙂 I thought it was some type of rock.


more photos…

A tall guy. A new big city. So many possibilities.

I hit Bangkok on Friday afternoon and have been kinda busy since. Not really any work just yet, but lots of meeting the cool folks in the company and lots of attempts at pronouncing and remembering some Thai language. The food so far has been pretty kickass and the places I have seen have got me feeling a little confused. Am I on holiday?

thai_pics_01 1.jpg
thai_pics_01 2.jpg

Friday night I got a bit of a look at what some of the streets have to offer. 🙂 (look no touch)
Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be shown some really cool places by Salvo and Ben from Finito.

thai_pics_01 3.jpg

Saturday we went to the “Suan Lum Night Bazaar”. You can buy a bed, table and lamp at 3am! The place is brilliant!
After a quick burn around the market we settled in at “The Tank Bar and Beer Garden”. Very tasty food and very tasty beer!!
To finish off the night we checked out the “Rock for the King” concert in the Bangkok Hall right next to the Suan Lum markets meeting up with Paul from Finito and Choom (a good friend of Paul’s) along the way.

thai_pics_01 6.jpg

thai_pics_01 5.jpg

The show started off really well, Thai guitar gods tearing up the fretboard and the laser light show cured a few cataracts. But as the hours passed and the solos kept on going, and going and going I found myself fading out.
It was “the night of the endless guitar solo”!

Sunday I went hunting for a couple of HK to Thai power plug converters but didn’t have any luck. But it was a good excuse to get a little familiar with Soi 55 rd (Thong Lor).
Ben & Salvo took me out to check out the biggest market I have ever seen, ever.
Chatuchak Weekend Market! (also spelt Jatujak apparently – also called JJ market)
It was … huuuuuuge!
But so hot! We must of drank a few fields of watermelon juice throughout the day.
Lots of great food, shoes (new & 2nd foot), tattoo equipment, birds, cats, dogs, furniture, tshirts ……

thai_pics_01 4.jpg

Oh yeah, plenty of really cool tshirts
Check out this t-shirt company:

We walked around the packed corridors of cool collectables for a couple of hours, at times it almost felt like we were swimming it was so humid, but apparently we didn’t even scratch the surface. But that’s kinda cool though – I’ll have to go check it out again – perhaps if I get some folks stopping in 😉 .