Photos: Chuxi (Chinese New Year Eve)

wow! i just got back from the Flower market in Victoria Park – its really packed!

The custom is that you go buy flowers for your house and that means you start the new year fresh (or with growth?) – or something along those lines.

Earlier in the night I went with Cheryl to have dinner with her family – The Chan Clan. Poor Dad just got back from Spain so was too sick/tired/jetlagged to go.

The night was really great, but I was/am so hungover from too much red wine last night at Tony & SuetYee’s place! I am never drinking again! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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Tsim Tsa Choi chuckup

Last night I met up with Patrick & Bart for a few beers over in Tsim Tsa Choi.
Last week we went to a local place and had a pretty cool time getting into some chinese drinking games and getting lessons (in drinking games & Chinese) from the regulars – and the dudes have started giving me Poker advice in preperation for Vegas in April.

Anyway, last night was funny – we saw 3 girls over the few hours we were there doing there best to hold down the couple of beers that had had!
But to no avail.
One had her face buried in a bucket (usually fully of beer bottles & ice) looking pretty bad, another dashed off to the toilet, and another one didn’t make it that far. I saw her just make it out the door and then รขโ‚ฌยฆ hwahhhhh – all over the back entrance to the bar! Within seconds the vomit squad were there and the scene was locked down (covered in cardboard).

Putonghua (Mandarin) classes begin!

Well allrighty!

Today is my first of 8 private lessons in Putonghua (Mandarin) at the Hong Kong Putonghua Vocational School. After the 8 lessons I will have 12 groups lessons over 12 weeks – i probably won’t get to them all because I am heading to Bec’s & Jez’s wedding in Vegas.

I’m thinking of picking up a micrphone to plugin in my iPod to record the sessions.

My favourite chinese tea is all finished!

For a week now we have run out of what I believe to be one of the best chinese teas I have tasted – “Bo Le” a.k.a “Po Ah” – * i am not sure how to spell it in either the cantonese or mandarin pinyin – but give me a few weeks ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

It’s quite a strong taste and seems to wake you up a bit too. Oh yeah, it is a RED TEA. Cheryl smuggled the last swag of it in from China.