Patrick says.

I have noticed over the past few months that my friend Patrick is prone to quoting some quite interesting facts.
Like yesterday at the Hong Kong 7s, he pulled this one out:

“Adam, did you know… The Netherlands are no longer allowed to participate in the HK7s, because last time they did, all the women in the stadium fell pregnant”

Ang in Hong Kong!

a day or 2 before i disappeared to Yunna, Ang landed in Hong Kong.
Ang it was so great to see you!

We didn’t have too much time to get up to anything too mental except for some drinking and eating! oh yeah, we saw 300 too!

One of the nights Dad took us all out for Clay Pot rice at the back of Times Square. The food is pretty tasty, unless you do what Bart did and choose Frog’s legs! ewwwwww! I think he regretted later!


Hong Kong Sevens this weekend

Well I’m not much of a rugby fan, actually it seems I’ve done a complete 180 on sports since I left school, but apparently the Hong Kong Sevens are on this weekend.
It’s meant to be a great atmosphere to go along and check out. Only problem – tickets are bunsen and i think now would be hard to get.

Bart & Patrick said they may know some people with some freebies – now that would be cool
Patrick also said the piss up in Lan Kwai Fong is quite fun.

so I shall do my best to grow a no-neck by Saturday.


Jez & Bec hit Hong Kong – last night & day

The last night & day of Bec & Jez’s HK adventures took them out to Lan Kwai Fong & dim sum with Bessie & Derek. It was so great to spend time with these guys having not seen them for 6 months. I was sad to see them disappear into the MTR station.
See you guys in Las Angeles soon!
Best of luck with your trip through Mexico!