Hong Kong – New Year’s Eve 2008-2009

happy new year everyone!
here’s a little(ish) clip of what i got upto on NYE in hong kong hanging with the dutchmen. What a great dinner! We ended up at the IFC mall rooftop at a party in Red Bar, and then a few drinks up in Soho. Was a great night

Hong Kong – New Year’s Eve 2008-2009 from Adam Teale on Vimeo.

Let’s make some cash!

I was just in Hong Kong for 2 days, along the way I saw 40,000 Hong Kong folks heading to and coming from a huge religious gathering at the Hong Kong stadium. It was so packed that they had to put people in an adjacent football park and let them see the evangelical ‘Franklin Graham’ on a huge screen!

I’ve heard some of these folks can put upto 1/3 of their income into their church! Lucky Church!

hk evangelical 03 hk evangelical 02 hk evangelical 01

a quick visit to Hong Kong

It’s been 3 months or so since I made it to Thaland, so the time had come to get a new non-immigrant B visa from the Thai consulate back in Hong Kong.

Being back in HK for a few days has been great, catching up with Dad and Cheryl has been really awesome, and it was also great to catch up with Bessie & Derek and checkout their efforts with their new school ‘Billy’s Channel‘. It was also great to see Dad’s mate Debashish from Delhi too. He’s been hanging out at Disneyland all week!

Hong Kong - August 2007 - 07
Hong Kong - August 2007 - 12
Hong Kong - August 2007 - 08 Hong Kong - August 2007 - 09

Hong Kong - August 2007 - 14 Hong Kong - August 2007 - 13 Hong Kong - August 2007 - 21
Hong Kong - August 2007 - 17 Hong Kong - August 2007 - 19

Dutch lunch

What is a Frikandel?

A frikandel (plural frikandellen) is a Dutch snack, a sort of minced-meat hot dog. It is a long, skinless, dark-coloured sausage that is eaten warm. Unlike other sausages, a frikandel is deep-fried. Sometimes it is served on a piece of bread, and is called a broodje frikandel. In some areas in Belgium, such as Antwerp and Flemish Brabant provinces it is often referred to as a curryworst (curry sausage)

def: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frikandel

Yesterday I met up with Bart, Eva & Partrick for a dutch lunch. The sausage is called a Frikandel. I tried some croquette balls too – tasty fatty nasty stuff! Delicious!

Unfortunately i left my camera at home but Bart might have some images up on his & Patrick’s blog – http://bapahoko.blogspot.com/

Last night the 4 of us went for some hot pot action with Wallis and Dennis

Hong Kong Sevens 2007


I have spent the last 2 days at the Hong Kong Sevens

I can’t say I am a big rugby fan, but I am a fan of getting some air, sun and beer. I kinda get how rugby union works. But what I don’t get is why they would match up a tiny team versus a team twice their size. We kept seeing this kind of ass whooping:
Friday I was lucky enough to score a free ticket of Eva, Patrick and Bart. Cheers!
Yesterday (Saturday) was $300HKD. I heard people were selling a 3 day pass for $3000HKD!!!

It was great fun – I have never seen so many foreigners in Hong Kong. It was kind of amazing. We went out fri-sat nights to Lan Kwai Fong along with everyone else from the stadium! Check this out:

More photos…