Stupidly on friday afternoon I upgraded my iPhone 16GB to iPhone software to version 2.0.

Halfway through the upgrade my friend Salvo said “hey isn’t that going to brick your phone?”. I had forgotten that my iPhone was indeed jailbroken/hacked and this was going to mean an end to a very beautiful relationship, but one I would be able to restore and downgrade.

Well how wrong I was! The phone won’t downgrade, instead just shows a cool image of a cable plugging into iTunes. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

unrelated but pretty hilarious:

Yacht Rock

I just caught the last/latest episode of the very very SMOOTH podcast series Yacht Rock.

RSS feed from Channel 101 works fine in iTunes.

Episode 11 – Jimmy Buffett kidnaps and tricks Kenny Loggins into writing a hit single for the movie Footloose, while Michael McDonald and James Ingram help cut him loose with a bunch of machetes. “It’s mellow, not smooth… kinda shitty.”

This series is hilarious, you need to see it!