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Learning to be a Djangonaut: Localisation/translation – locale for Chile

Thu 31, December 2015
A person who is expert in Django web framework.
He is a Djangonaut dude.

In my pursuit to become a gun djangonaut and get my knowledge of the framework sound and stable I have been following along Marina Mele’s fantastic series “TaskBuster Django Tutorial”. It covers a lot of topics that I am keen to understand and be able to explain one day.

My current goal is to have a django web app that has a Restful API that will allow various types of authentication. On top of this I will create an iOS app that can talk to it.

I had started to follow along with a post that Félix Descôteaux had written titled “A Rest API using Django and authentication with OAuth2 AND third parties!”. As I was getting into it I realised that I had better spend some time get a better basic understanding of Django and some other key concepts of python and web app development I had yet to explore. Geez the internet is just so cool when you want to learn something!

Along the way following Marina’s series I hit a bit trouble getting “Localizations” to work – when a site works across multiple languages. Django seems to have a easy to use mechanism but I was having issues with the locale for Chilean Spanish (I always am really…). 🙂

So in an effort to try to give back a little to the wonderful internet for anyone else who may stumble across this post with the same issue…


It was a combination of using “es-CL”, “es_CL” & “es-cl” in various places.


Property Value
Base locale ID es-CL
Language es
Language Spanish
Country CL
Country Chile

In the base.py (settings file):

('en', _('English')),
('<strong>es-CL</strong>', _('Spanish (Chile)')),

Then in the test_all_users.py I used ‘es-cl‘ wherever necessary.

Then in the tb_test virtual env shell:

$ python manage.py makemessages -l es_CL

I edited the django.po with my translated strings.
(I had to laugh when I read the “po” in django.po for this Chilean translation :] )

Then in the tb_test virtual env shell:

$ python manage.py compilemessages -l es_CL

Now I am passing the tests and seeing the translated page in the browser.

I hope that helps someone out one day!

Chilenismos 1.2

Sat 19, December 2015

About 2 weeks ago I released a reasonable upgrade to Chilenismos just in time for the festive season!

– 380+ Chilenismos!

– 560+ definitions in spanish

370+ definitions in ENGLISH!

– 390+ examples

– “literal translations” in ENGLISH (just for laughs)

– the origen of the Chilenismo (when available)

– App now runs in fullscreen mode

– Optimised for the iPhone 6 display

– swipe support to jump back and forth between the definitions

– little flags!


Yes, English definitions! Finally!


Chilenismos also now has it’s space on the web!



And a facebook page!



Grab a copy if you haven’t already.


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Chilenismos – iPhone app v1.0.1

Wed 26, March 2014


After a much talk over the last 2 years or so it has finally happened, I have made a basic dictionary of Chilean modismos/slang/expressions that is now available for free on the iTunes App Store!

This first version serves as a dictionary of over 170 words and expressions along with definitions and examples. The app also features a quiz game to practice the material along with an easy method of contributing to the more words and suggestions via email.

Check it out on the Chilenismos' page and make sure you grab the link and head on over to the App Store to download it for free.


“Play me I’m yours”

Sun 8, December 2013
Play me I'm yours. Pasaba por el metro en Los Leones y escuché a alguien tocando este piano colorido. 
Cool idea! Nice work local government.

#santiago #chile #música
Pasaba por el metro en Los Leones y escuché a alguien tocando este piano colorido. Cool idea! Nice work local government.

vfx: cooler projects from the last 2 years here in Chile

Tue 3, December 2013

I've been quite fortunate to have been able to work on some pretty cool projects since freelancing as a Nuke compositor in Santiago about 18 months ago. I realised I haven't shared much on here for too long so here is my start at posting some updates and other coolness.

feels.tv has been completely rebranded and hats off the the great work that they are doing. Whilst checking out the site I came across one of the projects I was involved with earlier this year for AFP Habitat.

Entel Campaña Institucional

This was a cool project working with Feels and the guys at Alaska films. Feels got me onboard to help out with the compositing side of things. We comped up a stadium, integrated cg balloons and extended a crowd amongst other things.

La Ruta del Vino

Not a comp job but a 1 hour mega project in which I was involved as videographer, editor, post producer amongst other things. We did this project at Orangutan and is really something I'm very proud of.

Ladybug Reveal Teaser

This was an idea that Juan Paulo at Leyenda had to help promote the business - there are some very talented dudes working over there in the world of animation. 

Orangutan showreel 2013

Some of the cooler work we did at Orangutan this year.

fcpxImageExporter and my 5 minutes of coding fame

Mon 2, December 2013

A little while ago at Orangutan we had a client ask us to export several hundred frames from a 1 hour video we had produced for them.

We worked in fcpx and manually exporting frames can be quite a task.

So I spent a late afternoon putting together a little app to read fcpxml and use it to export still images based on the markers we had put in the timeline.

I polished it a little more and shared it on the fcp.co forums and over the week the little app had been downloaded over 700 times.

It even got a nice review from Larry Jordan and several retweets from other fcpx pros like Richard Taylor and sites like premiumbeat.com. 

fcpxImageExporter is available over at Orangutan.


noticias del huertito del balcón – albahaca y tomates

Sun 2, December 2012

(in english y spanglish)

About 3 or so weeks ago we pruned/trimmed (i’m forgetting too many english words these days, and unfortunately my spanish isn’t getting much better!) the little branches/stems of the tomato plants to help them produce fruit (that’s the theory) y since a week ago the plants have started to have flowers!

And for many weeks we have been able to cook eggs with fresh basil!

Also something else mildly interesting is that our original box sucks up on average 7 watering cans’ worth of water (i’m guessing the can holds about 3L) a week!

Hace 3 semanas cortamos/podamos muchas de las ramas chicas de las plantas de tomates para ayudarlas a producir frutos (esa es la teoria) y desde hace una semana las plantas comenzaron a tener flores!

Y por muchas semanas he podido a cocinar huevos con albahaca fresca!

Y algo que es un poco interesante también es que nuestra caja original chupa como promedio 7 regaderas/latas de agua cada semana (y estimo que la regadera lleva 3 litros de agua)

Creo que es hora de construir mas cajas auto-regantes!

saturday morning cruise on the new bike

Sun 2, December 2012

This morning I heading out on my new bicycle to explore Santiago.
After half an hour or so heading east from our place I ended up at a rodeo.

I’m not going to try to pretend that I understood the rules of the games that the Huasos were palying at a rodeo, but I’m guessing it was along the lines of what the Charros were doing when we were up in Zacatecas Mexico – with a system of scoring and heavy rivalry! Will get back there soon with a real camera and  try understand things a little better. Only thing I could see that was missing was the presence of micheladas!

noticias del huertito del balcón

Wed 7, November 2012

Echa un vistazo a los tomates! Este es después de cinco días. La primera imagen es de Noviembre 2, y la segunda es de Noviembre 7!

Creemos que es hora de poner palos para ayudar los tomates crecer y dar frutos.