Canon G9: BKK_SUNDAY – Chao Praya

I went out on Sunday with Jeab, Ben and Salvo, taking some snaps and keeping out of the rain. I am using RAW format from the G9 to try to make some images that are a bit more dynamic than what i could do with a standard digi camera. 

My next ‘investment’ i think is going to be a remote flash – that seems to be what all the cool kids are doing!

IMG_0378_jeab IMG_0434_SoiDog IMG_0435_chair IMG_0522_jeab IMG_0571-2_Ben IMG_0572_Salvo IMG_0426_power

4 thoughts on “Canon G9: BKK_SUNDAY – Chao Praya”

  1. Yeah off flash would be cool, having a big chunk of light on top of the camera will make that G9 crazy top heavy. Are you gonna use a proprietary model like the 430EX and get the on camera adapter or just use a standard manual camera flash?

  2. Dr Wong! Great to hear from you!
    I have been looking at that flash, as well as the bigger brother 580ex – i think it is??
    The flash costs as much as my camera!
    Will see what happens
    Are you using aything like this?
    I’ve been inspired by my boss Paul’s 5D and all the cool stuff he has for it

  3. Yo Ads, yeah I’ve got one of those 430ex’s but if you want to remote them you have to buy wireless flash trigger that goes on top of your camera. There’s some cheap ones on E-Bay that might suit your need. Alternatively a 580ex on your camera will fire a 430ex but not vise versa. But you can imagine how heavy it’d be trying to hold that thing up on top of the camera not to mention the cost of two flash heads. I should myself get a remote.

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