Cambodia – Phnom Penh

I’m in a little net cafe somewherew in the middle of Phnom Penh, it’s gotta be atleast 30 C, the little electric fan above me is sort of offering me a little escape, and i’ve got a bit of a head cold. But this is awesome!

Yesterday Lachlan, Erin and I crossed the border from Thailand into Cambodia.

We had planned to visit Koh Mak, but ended up checking out a little town called Trat – very nice litle place.

Anyway, we crossed the border at Hat Lek, paid our 1100 baht each for the visa, got a ride into  Krong Koh  Kong. After some negotiations / bargening we were into a share taxi bound for  Phnom Penh. About 2 kms into the journey we  stoped to remove the back seat and  fill the back of the van with a diesal engine, a generator, a circular saw and some other tools – a Chinese guy  from Beijing was doing business down there, and needed to get his gear back to Phnom Penh. It cost him $80USD to get all that gear up there – at least 250kms!

It was a long journey, and the final part int Phnom Penh took ages, traffic was massive, and had a little disagreement with the taxi driver – as you do!

I had gotten quite used to speaking some basic Thai, now I  am back to square one here in Cambodia – kinda annoying!

We started cutting footage the other day, so soon we will have the first ep of Ping Pong Kapow up online – as long as now one has ripped my mac from the guesthouse!

4 thoughts on “Cambodia – Phnom Penh”

  1. Haha, all the way back to square one. It’s going to be waiving with the hands again, and if that doesn’t work, try your feet as well! 😛

    Hope you all having a good time there! Any changes you noticed compared to Thailand?

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